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If the carpet is dirty, that few people piensande dry cleaning – troublesome and costly case. Many are trying to solve this problem alone. The choice of means for general cleaning. The chemical composition of the folk remedies of the store or to choose? The only way to get an objective answer to the question as to clean the carpet at home – consumer reviews. What advises people?

How and what can clean the carpet in your home?


If the floor is a carpet, there will come díacuando routine cleaning is not enough vacuum. Gray, dirt, stains and odors – signs that things are in urgent need of a serious cleaning.

Before spending money (much) to use chemical domésticola or drag heavy carpet outside to cool the snow, it is better to ask than to clean the carpet at home. Reviews will help you make the best decision.

What assessment have been the most popular ways to clean your house ?:

  • shampoos and stain remover . Feedback from users of these funds hanlos pros and cons. Liquid shampoo simple to use, smell good, and for some time to get rid of the smell of the carpet. stain removal stains to face, but require pre-testing as they have in the composition of harsh chemicals and can easily “eat in” the carpet. In addition, it is necessary to study the label carefully to buy it means to “own” point (if the composition is intended to remove stains from coffee, you can not clean the mark left by the wine).

The disadvantage is that the price is too expensive, ability to cause allergies (that’s better not to use them in the house where small children or pets live). The downside, in the opinion of many people is the fact that returns after carpet cleaning foam very wet and have to make a great effort to be dry;

  • soda, salt, sawdust, tea leaves, bran, sauerkraut . This cleaning profitable, and capable dealfombra cool. The use of such media easier. Just arrange them on the carpet, and 2 hours to sweep a broom or vacuum to remove. No wet and hazardous chemicals! But these proven tools are not without drawbacks: they can not eliminate the unpleasant odor, like cleaning time -consuming. If the carpet is very dirty, you will have to repeat the procedure several times;
  • household chemistry . The method is based on a self-cleaning cateringcomposiciones. Most often they made of soda, vinegar, citric acid, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide. If the house can not find any of these components can be purchased at your local store or pharmacy, and does not require large expenditures. Prepare the cleaning composition may be a couple of minutes. For example, the most popular composition, which is recommended by housewives with experience preparing this recipe: 2 tablespoons. l. alcohol, citric acid or 2 hl mixed with 1 liter of water. The solution is treated with a carpet, then clean with a brush. According to a review, the result will be worse than the expensive shampoos.

In each of this company tools has its own group of leaders who won the most positive reviews. The winners were the carpet cleaner foam disappears, and among home remedies – vinegar and soda.

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Five arguments in order to clean the carpet in your home vinegar


Vinegar has established long as an effective component, which can be used for carpet cleaning. This is due to its qualities as:

  • low cost;
  • accessibility;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • relatively soft effect on the carpet;
  • It helps remove cover not only dirt but also points.

Using vinegar “resurrect” carpet house?

Recipe №1: universal membership. ½ st. vinegar, 1 teaspoon soda, 1 liter of hot water (not boiling).Mix. Add 1 tablespoon. l. powdered. Spray the carpet. clean cloth. Those who enjoyed a composition of this type, argue that the carpet after a procedure of this kind would be as good as new!

2. Number of recipe stain. 1st. l. vinegar mix for 1 hour. L. soap (grated on a small grater).Composition poured into 1 l of water, stir. Apply to the stain. Over time, brush or sponge.

Ama respond as well as the first and the second method, but note that vinegar to deal only with fresh stains.

Carpet Cleaning soda: accessible, inexpensive and it works!

There are several recipes for how to clean elalfombra soda at home. It can be used by itself. Cleaning procedure is very simple: take a soda, sprinkle the surface of it – and you can have a break of at least 2 hours. As the absorbent material absorbs all the dirt from the carpet – it just cleaned with a brush. To repeat the process until it is clean soda.

In order to not only remove dirt but also for eliminarolores, for example can be prepared in house cleaning composition based on soda. You fill with water bucket 5 liters, is poured into ½ st. soda. Pour into a spray bottle. Spraying the composition over the entire surface, wait 60 min. Remove the vacuum cleaner.

To remove the stain, cover with baking soda and pour a little vinegar on top. Let stand for 12 hours.Then wash with water.

According to a review, soda perfectly eliminates the smell and refreshes the carpet, but will not cover white light.

The new standard household cleaning – Vanish

The most famous shop is considered a medium deVanish. Its price is very expensive, but there are problems with how clean the carpet in the house Vanish conditions. Is added to water 1 to 2 means that the lid (as instructed), foam – and you can start cleaning. Foam dissolve dirt and bring it to the surface. Sweeping may be an ordinary broom or vacuum cleaner to collect.

Those who are not allergic to the components of the media, we are happy with the result. In particular, praise-spray Vanish, which helps fight stains. Note that after applying disappear even old dirt.