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Cleaning Hospitals & OB gyne Clinics

Hospital Cleaning Service

Over the years, our cleaning company specializes in cleaning services, among others in cleaning hospitals and clinics.The importance of hospital cleaning is vital. The spread of any disease or epidemic may be due to the closure of any hospital and proper maintenance of cleaning  and sanitizing the center it is essential to avoid problems.

For this we comply with norms and protocols of work, correcting the root problem. We must take into account the structure of the center, number of beds, operating theaters to maintain a state of sanitation.

Our professionals have the training and appropriate training to perform work of cleaning in Vancouver wa hospitals and clinics, using products and proper cleaning techniques.



Hospital Cleaning Protocol

To carry out the cleaning of hospitals have a protocol for the organization of work. It is important teamwork and communication with cleaning staff as well as discretion.

Within a hospital we find different areas that will carry different actions depending on the risk of microorganisms that can cause infections in patients.

Within the high risk areas we find the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), operating rooms, wards, blood extraction rooms or the burn unit.

There are areas of medium risk, such as the area of external consultations, emergency or physiotherapy.

Low-risk areas are administrative areas, warehouses or offices.


How we proceed with cleaning work in hospitals and clinics

We always start cleaning the less dirty areas to avoid contamination between areas.

To prevent the suspension of germs in the air, the sweep is always done in wet with mop.

The floor scrubbing is done with two different buckets, one with disinfectant and another with water only to perform rinsing. The water in the buckets is always changed after cleaning a room.

The use of cleaning products is always done according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We use cloths of different colors to differentiate them in the use of the surfaces to be cleaned, since it is not the same thing to clean a table that to clean a toilet.

The utensils and cleaning materials are used exclusively in the intended area, not mixing them for use in different risk areas.

Always mark areas with wet floors to avoid accidents and slips. The cleaning of floors will be done in two or three times in parts, to avoid that the whole zone is moistened and to favor the transit of patients and workers of the hospital.

Apart from the cleaning of hospitals, VILMAR Limpiezas and servicios offers a wide range of cleaning services for companies and individuals, being one of the cleaning companies in Madrid that more coverage gives its clients.

We have qualified personnel for the provision of our cleaning services in hospitals.