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Beauty tips for pregnant women

During pregnancy, your body undergoes major changes. However, being pregnant does not mean giving up being beautiful. Stretch marks, cellulite or overweight during pregnancy can be prevented by taking care of things like eating or doing some exercise. Check with your gynecologist before applying any anti-stretch mark cream. Occasionally, these creams contain substances harmful to the fetus.
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Pregnant women look better due to pregnancy hormones

During pregnancy, increased blood flow and the action of the sebaceous glands make many women present a better look . Thus, it is usual to hear the typical phrases – “How good the pregnancy feels! What a good face I see you!

What is her beauty secret?  Pregnancy hormones and genetics .

  • Some hormones favor the pregnant woman to present a more luminous face, a brighter hair or a smoother and smoother skin. Others, however, cause more granites to appear on the face and stretch marks on the buttocks or the skin becomes dry. Some hormones counteract the effects of others . For example, estrogen decreases fat production. In contrast, progesterone increases it.
  • But in all these changes genetics also influences. For example, if your mother had stretch marks during pregnancy , probably you too can have them. And the good news, on the contrary!

Finally, you should know that the best ally for the care of your appearance during pregnancy is the constancy and prevention and that most of these changes disappear after childbirth.

In the appearance of these aesthetic problems, external factors such as:

Feeding the pregnant woman

Food plays an important role in maintaining a good appearance during pregnancy . The woman must carry a rich and balanced diet.

Foods containing vitamins E, C, B5, help eliminate toxins from the body , repair and maintain tissues and stimulate the regeneration of skin growth or nails.

These vitamins are found in foods such as eggs, wholemeal bread, fish, almonds, sunflower seeds, kiwi, strawberries or oranges …

Hydration during pregnancy

Hydration is essential for the body of women work better, especially during thepregnancy . Drink about two liters of water promotes blood circulation, it helps eliminate unnecessary toxins from the body and reduce fluid retention.

Water also is the best ally against stretch marks in pregnancy , dry skin, cellulite, varicose veins or feeling tired legs during pregnancy.

In the market, too, there are many cosmetic products for facial care and body, which protect and provide elasticity to the skin, such as moisturizers. Examples of some brands that could help you are Decleor, pilaten or Nivea.

Check with your gynecologist if you follow a special treatment for the face or body or the slightest doubt about the use of certain lotions. For example, Isotretinol and Etretinate are medications that are used for severe cases of acne and psoriasis. These treatments should be discontinued during pregnancy because it is proven to cause serious defects in the fetus and the risk of having a spontaneous abortion is also greater.

Moderate exercise for pregnant women

The massages and moderate exercise are beneficial to tone muscles and maintain muscle flexibility during pregnancy.

The most recommended exercises are those that do not require great physical exertion, such as walking or swimming .

Maintaining proper weight during pregnancy

It is important to take care of weight during pregnancy .

Typically increase between 9 and 15 kilograms over the nine months of pregnancy , but this interval depends largely on the constitution of each woman.

Care of the skin, hands and hair in pregnancy

The first months of pregnancy notice changes in your body, which will affect your habits of beauty and health of hair, teeth and skin . Hair, for example, may weaken early in pregnancy. It is also possible that, due to circulatory changes, your gums bleed. You will also notice an increase in sweating and vaginal discharge.

The hair condition improves noticeably in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, going to be glossy and voluminous look. Each type of hair will require different care, but it is always advisable to avoid permanent dyes.

The hands may swell throughout the pregnancy, because of fluid retention. To take care of your hands during pregnancy, it is best to perform movements that help loosen your hands, keep hydrated and avoid enamels.