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And dad, a blog that combines fatherhood and new technologies

The new technologies are increasingly present in our lives. Thanks to them, children can learn on  como aprender ingles em um mes playing , expand their knowledge and improve their qualifications by having the opportunity to access a broad range of information.


But new technologies are not only extremely useful for kids; the moms and dads can also take full advantage of these tools.

And if not just ask David , a companion of social media expert 2.0. who has used his love of new technologies to create and dad too .

A blog where he shares his experiences with his two treasures: their children Arnau and Judith, and their opinions, their adventures and misadventures with raising their kids, their fears, their joys and everything that has to do with fatherhood .

Discovering fatherhood

But what brought David to shape his devotion to the new technologies in the blog and dad too ?

The answer is simple: after being a dad, he discovered the maternal blogosphere, full of portals dedicated to mothers, fathers and princes of the house.

Realizing that all of them offered tips and tricks as useful, David decided that he also wanted to share their experiences with the world through the network.

That was when he was born And dad , a blog that collects the experiences of this padrazo and that shows us that, even if we make mistakes when to raise and educate our children , they help us to learn and to improve day after day.

Fatherhood and new technologies

This raises a blog useful for those who want to know how they live other dads parenting.

A portal created by a Daddy who has managed to combine his passion for new technologies with their love for children. The result? A blog full of experiences and adventures with the little ones in the house!