California Tapes Show Abortion Centers Tell Teens to Deceive Parents

Sacramento, CA ( -- The organization that is working to get California voters to approve a parental notification initiative on the state ballot has released the transcript of taped phone calls showing abortion centers urging teens to lie to their parents.

The tapes reveal how abortion facilities help minor teens cover up instances of statutory rape. The Yes on 85 campaign released transcripts of five secretly recorded conversations to abortion centers by a caller identifying herself as a 13-year-old girl with a 22-year-old boyfriend seeking an abortion without the knowledge of her parents.

Under California law, the girl would be the victim of statutory rape and her boyfriend would have committed a crime that abortion businesses should report to authorities. The tapes reveal that abortion center employees repeatedly try to help the girl find ways around reporting the crime -- and offer suggestions on how the teen can keep her parents in the dark, with no concern for her status as a victim of sexual abuse. They only warn her that her parents might find out -- if they get a call from the hospital.

California Abortion Advocates Run False Ad on Parental Notification

Sacramento, CA ( -- Abortion advocates in California have put up a new television ad attempting to scare state residents about the potential effects of a statewide measure that would allow parents to know when their minor daughters are considering an abortion. The ad talks only about the rare cases in which a teen comes from a troubled home.

The new commercial raises the fear that some teenagers may come form abusive home situations though it doesn't say how a secret abortion would help them escape that. Sponsored by Planned Parenthood, the commercial features a back yard scene and a bubble floating in the air. As it moves towards the house, viewers can hear raised voices inside suggesting violence against a young girl.

"Some girls do not enjoy the relationship with their parents that you may have," an announcer says in the ad. "Prop. 85 would force girls to notify an abusive or violent parent that they are pregnant, and this puts them in real danger," the announcer says.

However, in an analysis from Peter Hecht of the Sacramento Bee newspaper, the ad paints a false picture of Proposition 85.

"The ad's claim that Proposition 85 would force girls to notify parents they are pregnant is technically incorrect," Hecht wrote Monday. "The initiative would require doctors -- not the girls themselves -- to notify a parent or guardian before performing abortions on girls younger than 18," Hecht explained. "The commercial also doesn't mention that Proposition 85 would allow a minor girl to petition a juvenile court to avoid the parental notification requirement," Hecht adds.