The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link
is America's Best Kept Secret

Being a physician and having heard talk of a possible link between abortions and breast cancer, I decided to investigate this very serious matter. Here are my findings:

The NCI (National Cancer Institute) and the ACS (American Cancer Society) report that one of every eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer.

Breast cancer has almost doubled in the United States since 1973, when abortions were legalized. (Roe v. Wade) This dramatic rise is also worldwide, where there are abortions on demand.
Studies have found that as the rate of abortions rise in America, so does the rate of breast cancer, with those women who have aborted having significantly higher rates.

Of the 1.4 million abortions done, yearly, in the United States and accounting for the increased risk posed by abortion, researchers estimate that the 800,000 first-time abortions performed annually would thus generate roughly 25,000 excess cases of breast cancer each year, as the first group of women exposed to legal abortion advances in age.
Given the margin of error, the researchers predicted that excess cases of breast cancer would be between 9,000 and 40,000 per year, due to the impact of induced abortion.

Still, the NCI and the ACS refuse to include induced abortions as a breast cancer risk. They say the link is inconclusive, but they are wrong. The evidence is overwhelming.
This is not good news for women, who are still actively being kept in the dark by the very agencies who should warn them about avoidable cancer risks. Yet, they will report minor risk factors, such as weight and diet. But the most closely guarded secret is the connection between abortion and breast cancer.

Recently, I was in the office of an oncologist (tumor and cancer specialist) and I picked up one of the many brochures concerning breast cancer, hoping finally to see induced abortions listed as one of the risks for breast cancer, but it wasn't there. So what else is new? However, the following was one of the risks, word for word:

"One study suggests that more than three alcoholic drinks per week, may increase your risk of getting breast cancer."

They included this risk, based on just ONE study, and yet, they refuse to list the Abortion Breast Cancer risk, even though 13 of 15 studies in the USA revealed the risk, as did 28 of 37 studies worldwide. Laboratory test on rats also revealed the risk.
With all this evidence, why are the NCI and the ACS withholding this vital information, BUT, they will expose a risk (alcohol) found as a result of just ONE study?

This is a question that every woman should want answered. They should write to these organizations and complain. They should contact the Media and demand answers.

I am not alone; other doctors have tried for years to convince them and the Media that this link is real. Those conducting the studies that reveal the link are looked upon as some sort of a traitor, for even hinting that the link is real.
It has also been discussed in Congress, but a certain segment of our society wants the truth hidden (mostly Democrats), because they are in bed with the abortion inductry, which donates large sums of money to them.
Better that women die, than to harm the abortion industry. This is tragic and it is sick. Is it any wonder that our society is referred to as the "Culture of Death?"

I have nothing against the NCI and the ACS for revealing the alcohol risk, as a result of just ONE study, BUT, for the sake of honesty, if they can include a risk from just one study, WHY do they refuse to include a risk that was shown in over 28 studies?

One would think that the media would be all over this story. I personally have contacted them and others have, too. They have NO story as newsworthy as this. However, they wonít touch it with a ten foot pole, because it would wreak havoc with the abortion andustry and reduce dramatically the number of abortions being done. The media will do NOTHING to harm the abortion industry. Ah, there's the rub.

And what makes this matter even worse is that, in the ABC risk, the direct link is known and can be understood by a ten year old. They tell us that certain foods may increase the risk of cancer. Products have been pulled from the shelves on much less evidence. NONE of these comes close to risk of breast cancer from abortion. The abortion link affects the breast cells directly, as you will see later.

This is sad: to expose women to this kind of danger, when it could be easily avoided. This lie perpetuated by the NCI and the ACS, when they say the link is inconclusive, has resulted in thousands of women dying needlessly, every year.
It's obvious why the billion dollar abortion industry will not warn women of this deadly risk prior to an abortion, but why the silence by the ACS, the Media, and what about NOW and other feminist groups? Isnít the sole purpose of their existence to help women, or are they just a front for political agendas?

If they want women to have a choice, then why not give them all the facts to make an informed choice, since it will be the most important decision of their lives and will have everlasting consequences? How is it possible, that in our day and age, something like this could happen?

The reason is political. The NCI and the ACS are in lock step with NARAL, Planned Parenthood and all the other abortion providers, as well as the pro-abortion Democratic Party.

They are so afraid this news would be a major blow to the abortion industry, that they will do anything and everything to protect it. And believe me, I am NOT exaggerating.

The other risks, though not nearly as great as the abortion risk, are exposed because they have nothing to do with abortions. This is disgraceful.
Ideology and politics should have NO place in medicine. It's only a matter of time before there will be a flood of law suits and the abortion facilities will lose, because they DID NOT warn women of this risk, prior to their abortions. To withhold this vital information in elective surgeries is against all medical ethics. It is downright CRIMINAL.

But donít take my word for it. One need not be a specialist in the field to understand it. itís not that complicated. You be the judge. Do not let anyone tell you how to think. But first, here are the basics:

It is estrogen, which is produced in the ovaries, that transforms a young girl into a woman. When pregnancy occurs, there is a SURGE of this hormone causing the breast cells to proliferate dramatically in the first trimester, in order to lay the foundation for the production of milk. These young growing cells are more prone to develop cancer.

In the second half of pregnancy, the estrogen levels RECEDE under the influence of such hormones as human placental lactogen. The immature cells then grow and differentiate rapidly into mature, specialized milk producing tissue. Once specialization has occurred, the cells are less likely to turn cancerous.

When the pregnancy is terminated by an induced abortion, these young growing cells (known as undifferentiated cells), and having undergone drastic changes, are now in LIMBO. They are no longer normal breast cells, nor are they capable of producing milk.

In plain English, these insulted cells (traumatized) have been hung out to dry. They are between a rock and a hard place. Scientists have known for years that any cell in the human body that has been traumatized, whether by chemicals, radiation, micro-trauma, or any other reason, would be especially vulnerable to cancer.



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