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A.K.A. Abortions

I'm a physician, an M.D., and even though I have delivered many babies, I'm still in awe of the miracle of life and that life's subsequent birth. It boggles my mind how a physician who has taken an oath to preserve life can perform abortions -- can actually kill defenseless unborn babies -- literally ripped out, many times in pieces, from the mother's womb.

Many of you are pro-life, and your heart breaks when innocent babies are killed, in what used to be the safest place on Earth -- their mothers womb. Many of you are pro-aborts and others are on the fence -- you're just not sure.

The purpose of this web site is to try to make one and all understand why the killing of unborn babies, a.k.a. abortions, is abominable. I will attempt to do this from both the Biblical and scientific perspectives.

For those who believe in God, I will quote Biblical passages. I am not a man of the cloth. I am just a person who believes in God and the Holy Bible, and when I see evil, I want to do all I can to end it.

For people who do not believe in God and do not believe we will all be judged by our actions on our short stay in this world, I will appeal to your sense of common decency and hope that you'll read this with an open mind. Even if you're not concerned that a human life has been terminated by an abortion, just maybe, you might be concerned about the wouldn't be mother's health.
Read: Abortion-Breast Cancer and Safe Abortions are Science Fiction.

For the politicians and judges who profess to believe in God and pass laws to decide that to kill unborn babies is legal and should be one of our basic freedoms, you are in the same class as the abortionist, who kill unborn babies for a living. I see NO difference. You have signed their death warrants.

For those who claim to believe in God and say that abortions are wrong, but you still believe that it's a decision that a woman should make, because it's her body, you ARE a pro-abort. There is no such thing as pro-choice, because to be pro-choice is to condone evil.

If one truly and down deep in his or her heart believe in God, that statement CANNOT be made -- it is oxymoronic. It is said, because it is thought to give credence to your agenda. You are kidding no one, especially not God. To be pro-choice is to be a pro-abort; they ARE synonymous. Both propagate and lead to the same conclusion: death.

I believe the only way you would really believe in God, is if God would appear to you and perform a miracle. If this would happen, do you think you would STILL say that a woman should have the choice to kill her unborn baby, who was created by God, in His own image, at conception? OF COURSE NOT. You would be shaking from head to toe. You would drop to your knees and beg forgiveness. You will, all of a sudden, remember the Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

Therein lies the difference. Some people believe in God without any reservations; IT'S CALLED FAITH. Others need some kind of proof, maybe a miracle; until then, they will leave the door open, just a little bit, just in case there is a God.

I will pull no punches. You WILL get the truth and if you can't take the truth, or if you're hell bent on remaining a pro-abort/pro-choice for the rest of your life, then stop reading now, because if you have just one shred of common decency left in your entire body and you ARE concerned about WOMEN'S HEALTH, as you claim to be, you WILL become pro-life and automatically, PRO-HEALTH, even if you do not believe in God.

Our forefathers, and our foremothers, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and their followers, were all vehemently opposed to abortions. They called it "child murder." Recently, there was a biography about these two great women on TV, but what was conveniently left out was their outrage at abortions. However, this hiding of the truth by the liberal Media should surprise no one.

So what happened in the interim? Why are these killings allowed to happen in this day and age? Especially, why have many women parted from their foremothers, who spearheaded the Suffrage movement? WHY the change in mindset?


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Do not get an abortion. If you kill your own child, you will regret it the rest of your life. Call "Heartbeat International." It's a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian association -- which includes 24-hour hot lines, pregnancy tests and counseling, host homes, clothing, baby items, financial assistance, community referrals, helpline phone support. There are 850 affiliates in the United States. Toll Free: 800-395-HELP

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Past Articles

Beauty tips for pregnant women

During pregnancy, your body undergoes major changes. However, being pregnant does not mean giving up being beautiful. Stretch marks, cellulite or overweight during pregnancy can be prevented by taking care of things like eating or doing some exercise. Check with your gynecologist before applying any anti-stretch mark cream. Occasionally, these creams contain substances harmful to the fetus.
Beauty in pregnancy |  Elbebe.com

Pregnant women look better due to pregnancy hormones

During pregnancy, increased blood flow and the action of the sebaceous glands make many women present a better look . Thus, it is usual to hear the typical phrases – “How good the pregnancy feels! What a good face I see you!

What is her beauty secret?  Pregnancy hormones and genetics .

  • Some hormones favor the pregnant woman to present a more luminous face, a brighter hair or a smoother and smoother skin. Others, however, cause more granites to appear on the face and stretch marks on the buttocks or the skin becomes dry. Some hormones counteract the effects of others . For example, estrogen decreases fat production. In contrast, progesterone increases it.
  • But in all these changes genetics also influences. For example, if your mother had stretch marks during pregnancy , probably you too can have them. And the good news, on the contrary!

Finally, you should know that the best ally for the care of your appearance during pregnancy is the constancy and prevention and that most of these changes disappear after childbirth.

In the appearance of these aesthetic problems, external factors such as:

Feeding the pregnant woman

Food plays an important role in maintaining a good appearance during pregnancy . The woman must carry a rich and balanced diet.

Foods containing vitamins E, C, B5, help eliminate toxins from the body , repair and maintain tissues and stimulate the regeneration of skin growth or nails.

These vitamins are found in foods such as eggs, wholemeal bread, fish, almonds, sunflower seeds, kiwi, strawberries or oranges …

Hydration during pregnancy

Hydration is essential for the body of women work better, especially during thepregnancy . Drink about two liters of water promotes blood circulation, it helps eliminate unnecessary toxins from the body and reduce fluid retention.

Water also is the best ally against stretch marks in pregnancy , dry skin, cellulite, varicose veins or feeling tired legs during pregnancy.

In the market, too, there are many cosmetic products for facial care and body, which protect and provide elasticity to the skin, such as moisturizers. Examples of some brands that could help you are Decleor, pilaten or Nivea.

Check with your gynecologist if you follow a special treatment for the face or body or the slightest doubt about the use of certain lotions. For example, Isotretinol and Etretinate are medications that are used for severe cases of acne and psoriasis. These treatments should be discontinued during pregnancy because it is proven to cause serious defects in the fetus and the risk of having a spontaneous abortion is also greater.

Moderate exercise for pregnant women

The massages and moderate exercise are beneficial to tone muscles and maintain muscle flexibility during pregnancy.

The most recommended exercises are those that do not require great physical exertion, such as walking or swimming .

Maintaining proper weight during pregnancy

It is important to take care of weight during pregnancy .

Typically increase between 9 and 15 kilograms over the nine months of pregnancy , but this interval depends largely on the constitution of each woman.

Care of the skin, hands and hair in pregnancy

The first months of pregnancy notice changes in your body, which will affect your habits of beauty and health of hair, teeth and skin . Hair, for example, may weaken early in pregnancy. It is also possible that, due to circulatory changes, your gums bleed. You will also notice an increase in sweating and vaginal discharge.

The hair condition improves noticeably in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, going to be glossy and voluminous look. Each type of hair will require different care, but it is always advisable to avoid permanent dyes.

The hands may swell throughout the pregnancy, because of fluid retention. To take care of your hands during pregnancy, it is best to perform movements that help loosen your hands, keep hydrated and avoid enamels.

6 films dealing with voluntary abortion (from different perspectives)

It is a subject where there are no whites or blacks and it continues to be a source of great discussions in society. From the cinema the subject has been approached from multiple approaches.

Pope Francis continues to give surprises. The head of the Catholic Church announced a couple of weeks granted to priests makes faculty of absolving those women who have miscarried. These may grant pardon during the celebration of the Jubilee of Mercy-from December 8 to November 20, 2016-and, of course, the sinners will have to be sorry to have interrupted their pregnancy.

This openness in thinking Bergoglio is, at first glance, is proof of its intention to renew the image of the Church (although in Argentina has caused quite a stupor due to previous anti-abortionists Pope convictions when he was a priest in his country).

Apart from any religious consideration, abortion has been approached on many occasions and from different perspectives in the cinema projector. You can visit home cinema projector – test, Jetzt klicken.

These are some of the films that reflect on a subject in which there are no whites or blacks:

‘Grandma’ (Paul Weitz, 2015)

This comedy has been the last to join the list of films that deal with the subject. Starring the hilarious Lily Tomlin, tells the story of a young woman who turns to her grandmother when she realizes she is pregnant and has no money to abort. His mother’s mother is not very buoyant precisely, so they both start a search for the amount they need. Fun, tender and without tragedies.

‘Obvious Child’ (Gillian Robespierre, 2014)

Donna Stern is having a rather awful vital moment. She has been kicked out of her job and her boyfriend has left her, so she gets drunk to forget the pain and ends up sleeping with a stranger. The consequence is that she becomes pregnant and decides to abort. The dilemma? Tell the father or not. At no time is questioned his decision to interrupt the pregnancy, but the reflection is made on the right of the man to comment on her. The same issue arises in the series Girls (SPOILER alert) when Adam’s new girlfriend, Mimi Rose, aborts without saying anything. Although he hallucinates to find out, she declares quite naturally that the decision is his because it is his body and he has nothing to say.

‘Juno’ (Jason Reitman, 2007)

It is one of the great cinematographic milestones in the subject of abortion and unleashed criticism from almost all fronts: pro-abortion, pro-feminists, feminists, conservatives … The film tells the story of Juno, a teenager who becomes pregnant by accident. At first he decides to abort but when he arrives at the clinic he backs off when a religious protester tells him that “his fetus already has nails”. The choice you make is to give your baby up for adoption. The message can be interpreted in many ways (hence raising so many different opinions), although a certain morality underlies the songs of The Moldy Peaches.

‘Dirty Dancing’ (Emile Ardolino, 1987)

“Nobody puts Babe in a corner” and no one is going to stop him from helping Penny when she decides not to have her child. He does not doubt it as a moral dilemma, but as a problem like any other that has to be solved. While it is true that the script tries to “excuse” the pregnant woman because the baby’s father is a cocoon, it also shows the danger that women are having in having to abort illegally. Also it puts on the table the difficulty of abortion for women without financial resources (as in the aforementioned Grandma ) if it had been possibly pregnant Babe would have tackled the problem without any health risk.

‘4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days’ (Cristian Mungiu, 2007)

Not everything is comedies or romantic movies when approaching abortion. In this film the protagonists are two sisters who live in Romania during the last years of communism. Once again, the illegality of abortion puts the pregnant woman at risk again. But this operation is a taboo subject that is left between the woman and the one who performs the procedure, without disturbing a society that looks towards the other side.

‘I abortion, you abort, we all quit’ (Carolina Reinoso, 2013)

Outside of fiction there are also cinematographic works that try to end the myths about abortion. This Argentine director gathers seven women who talk about their abortions (clandestine, of course). The act in your country is illegal except in the three cases of danger to life, violation or outrage against modesty and one of the main ideas of the documentary is that prohibiting something does not mean that it stops being done but, without more, it makes it invisible .

Solas (Benito Zambrano, 1999)

Winner of five Goyas and highly regarded by international critics of the time, Solas tells the story of a woman (Ana Fernandez), who is pregnant with a gross man who does not want. During the film he discovers the affection of his mother (María Galiana) and his elderly neighbor and bets on continuing the pregnancy. A human story and exciting.

Cleaning Hospitals & OB gyne Clinics

Hospital Cleaning Service

Over the years, our cleaning company specializes in cleaning services, among others in cleaning hospitals and clinics.The importance of hospital cleaning is vital. The spread of any disease or epidemic may be due to the closure of any hospital and proper maintenance of cleaning  and sanitizing the center it is essential to avoid problems.

For this we comply with norms and protocols of work, correcting the root problem. We must take into account the structure of the center, number of beds, operating theaters to maintain a state of sanitation.

Our professionals have the training and appropriate training to perform work of cleaning in Vancouver wa hospitals and clinics, using products and proper cleaning techniques.



Hospital Cleaning Protocol

To carry out the cleaning of hospitals have a protocol for the organization of work. It is important teamwork and communication with cleaning staff as well as discretion.

Within a hospital we find different areas that will carry different actions depending on the risk of microorganisms that can cause infections in patients.

Within the high risk areas we find the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), operating rooms, wards, blood extraction rooms or the burn unit.

There are areas of medium risk, such as the area of external consultations, emergency or physiotherapy.

Low-risk areas are administrative areas, warehouses or offices.


How we proceed with cleaning work in hospitals and clinics

We always start cleaning the less dirty areas to avoid contamination between areas.

To prevent the suspension of germs in the air, the sweep is always done in wet with mop.

The floor scrubbing is done with two different buckets, one with disinfectant and another with water only to perform rinsing. The water in the buckets is always changed after cleaning a room.

The use of cleaning products is always done according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We use cloths of different colors to differentiate them in the use of the surfaces to be cleaned, since it is not the same thing to clean a table that to clean a toilet.

The utensils and cleaning materials are used exclusively in the intended area, not mixing them for use in different risk areas.

Always mark areas with wet floors to avoid accidents and slips. The cleaning of floors will be done in two or three times in parts, to avoid that the whole zone is moistened and to favor the transit of patients and workers of the hospital.

Apart from the cleaning of hospitals, VILMAR Limpiezas and servicios offers a wide range of cleaning services for companies and individuals, being one of the cleaning companies in Madrid that more coverage gives its clients.

We have qualified personnel for the provision of our cleaning services in hospitals.

Fitness and Pregnancy

As a Personal Trainer it is curious that lately I am finding numerous cases of pregnant among my clients.

Sometimes it is because of fear or simple ignorance that it is they who fail to come to the sports facilities, and it is precisely for this reason that I have thought that it would be worth treating these cases at least in a generalized way to help give a Brushstrokes of information and be able to perform later, in much more personalized work with each one.

Pregnancy and Sport

The benefits of physical exercise during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy has wonderful results for the health of the expectant mother. It improves your mood, helps you sleep better and decreases the pain and discomfort typical of pregnancy. It also “trains” for childbirth, strengthening muscles and improving endurance, and makes you regain shape more quickly after your baby is born.

The ideal physical activity is the one that exercises the heart, keeps the body flexible, controls the weight gain and prepares the muscles without this representing an exaggerated effort, neither for her nor for the baby.

The activities suggested below are usually safe for pregnant moms, although some may not do so during the last months of pregnancy. However, it is always advisable to consult with the gynecologist before starting a physical exercise program.

Pregnancy and Sport

We can divide them into:

1. Cardiovascular Exercises

Walking: This is one of the best cardiovascular activities for pregnant women, and keeps them in shape without punishing the knees and ankles. Another advantage is that it can be done anywhere, does not require any special equipment other than a good pair of shoes, and is a safe form of exercise during the nine months of waiting.

Swimming: Doctors and physical trainers consider swimming the best exercise for pregnant women and also the safest. Swimming is ideal because it works the muscles of the legs and arms, offers cardiovascular benefits, and allows the future mom to feel light in the water despite her weight gain.

Low-impact aerobic exercise: One of the advantages of enrolling in an aerobic exercise class is that you will be dedicated to exercise at a specific and consistent schedule. In addition, by enrolling in a special class for pregnant women you can enjoy the company of other future moms, and you will be assured that all movements are healthy for both.

Dancing: You can make beneficial exercise for the heart dancing to your favorite music at home. The only thing to avoid in these cases are jumps and pirouettes.

Pregnancy and Sport

2. Exercises of flexibility and strength

Yoga: Yoga exercises can help strengthen muscles and keep the flexible pregnant, with the advantage that they do not exert little or no impact on the joints. However, if you also want to work the heart, you will have to add two or three days of walks or swimming to your weekly yoga exercise program.

Stretching: Stretching is great for maintaining elasticity, relax muscles and prevent injury. The best way to end cardiovascular activity is to do some stretching exercises.

Weight bearing exercise-toning-Fitness: If before becoming pregnant and were doing exercises with weights no reason to quit, although most women are advised to lift less weight (to compensate, they can increase the repetitions and follow Obtaining good results). If you take the necessary precautions and take care of the technique, making slow and controlled movements, weight training will be an excellent way to tone and strengthen muscles.

Pregnancy and Sport

3. It is also important to know:

The 13 guidelines basic to safe exercise during pregnancy.

We already know that exercising is very healthy and carries many benefits, but during pregnancy it will have to be done with caution. Whether you are an athlete who wants to continue exercising during pregnancy, or a very sedentary person who wants to be more active because she knows that it is good for the baby, you should consider the following 13 rules to ensure that the activity chosen is Healthy for her and her baby.

1. Consult your gynecologist beforehand

If before getting pregnant and exercising, and carrying a healthy and trouble-free pregnancy, chances are that you can continue to practice the same activities as before, adapting and modifying them to each particular pregnant. This basic rule has some exceptions, so you should talk to your doctor and also to your professional Personal Trainer about the exercise routine you plan to do to make sure they are not dangerous, check fitshop.

If you were to lead a sedentary life and start exercising, you will have to work under the supervision of an experienced Personal Trainer who can guide you to the most suitable beginner exercises.

2. Consume more calories

Consuming 300 to 500 additional calories daily will be necessary during pregnancy, especially if you are exercising. Of course, you need to be sure to feed yourself well to keep the organism strong and well nourished. In another chapter we will talk about the nutrition of the pregnant woman, but we will not stop here.

3. Completely avoid dangerous sports

Avoid contact sports, as well as activities where you may lose your balance, such as riding or cycling. During pregnancy the body produces the hormone relaxin, whose function is to give them greater flexibility and elasticity to the joints and thus prepare them for childbirth. The problem is that this hormone relaxes all the ligaments and joints of the body, making it more susceptible to sprains and injuries if it suffers a fall.

4. Dress appropriate clothes

The comfortable and loose, breathable fabric ensures the bra provides good support while choosing athletic shoes of the right size and that offer a good support. If the feet are slightly swollen and the shoes tighten, it is convenient to store them for the moment and buy new ones. It is very common for your feet to swell and you need to wear larger size mid shoes during pregnancy.

5. Do warm-up exercises before you start

Warm-up exercises are used to prepare muscles and joints for physical activity, and to slowly increase heart rate. If we skip them and move directly to a higher level of activity before the body is ready, it could hurt the muscles and ligaments, as well as feel more pain and stiffness the next day.

6. Drinking enough water

Drink water before, during and after exercise. Failure to do so could lead to dehydration, which can lead to contractions and increase in temperature, often reaching levels that can be dangerous for her and her baby. Some experts believe that even though there is no standard recommendation about the amount of water pregnant women should drink while exercising, a good rule of thumb is to drink one glass (250 milliliters) before starting the activity, one glass every 20 minutes while You do exercise, and another one when you finish. Remember that on hotter and more humid days you will obviously need to drink more.

7. Do not lie down on your back

After the first trimester, you should avoid lying on your back. This position presses one of the body’s main veins, the vena cava, causing blood to flow to the brain and uterus, and you may feel dizzy, short of breath or nausea. Some women are comfortable in this position, but this does not mean that the flow of blood to the uterus has not been affected. If a cushion or pillow is placed under the hip or right gluteus, you can rest in a nearly horizontal position without compressing the vena cava.

8. Keep moving

If you stand without moving for long periods of time, such as when we train with weights or yoga positions, the blood flow to the uterus may decrease and blood may build up in your legs, causing you to become dizzy. Keeping in motion by frequently changing position or walking without moving from the site is a good alternative.

9. Decrease activity intensity

You should not exercise until you are completely exhausted. It is not necessary or convenient to reach this point of intensity. As a rule: if you can not speak easily while you exercise, you will have to slow down. The important thing is to be alert to the signals of the body and apply common sense.

10. Not getting hot

Avoid getting too hot, especially during the first trimester, which is when the baby’s major organs are developing. Although there is no scientific evidence that this is dangerous for human babies, some animal studies seem to indicate that heat can cause birth defects.

During pregnancy, more blood circulates through the body and the metabolism accelerates, making you feel more hot than normal, and much more when exercising. It can overheat faster than normal, even before you have tummy.

The signs that you are getting hot change from one person to another, but watch if you sweat too much, if the heat makes you feel very uncomfortable or if you have dizziness or shortness of breath. On very hot and humid days it is not advisable to exercise, or in any case, to do it inside, in a room with good ventilation and air conditioning.

Although it sounds repetitive it will be very important that it hydrate, so do not stop drinking a lot of water.

11. Rise slowly

As the belly grows, the center of gravity changes, so whenever you change your position you should do so with care. If you get up too fast you may become dizzy or lose your balance and fall over.

12. Cool and stretch at end

When the exercise is over, it is important to slowly lower the pace, walking without moving from the site for a few minutes and then stretching. Heart rate increases during pregnancy and may take up to 15 minutes to return to rest after physical activity.

13. Getting used to exercise

To propose to incorporate the exercise to the daily routine is the best way to begin. It is less difficult for the body to adapt to doing physical exercises regularly, than to intercalate long periods of inertia with periods of activity. After talking with your gynecologist, you can safely perform moderate exercises for 30 minutes or more, or almost all, of the week.

I hope both the advice and the 13 guidelines or rules have been interesting and you can apply them during all this time.

Pregnancy and Sport

The ten best coffees

Illy . One of the most popular within the high end brands. Mix nine hundred percent Arabica coffees, with aromas of chocolate, honey and caramel, and a pleasant bitterness in the mouth, with long aftertaste. It is sold in cans grain carefully rolled steel design. 250 grams boat grain7.50 €.

Qualitá Lavazza Oro . Within the range of this famous Italian brand stands Qualitá Oro, a blend of highly selected coffees from Central America and some in Africa, always arabica. Coffee with body and character, softened by its floral aromas. Sweet and very aromatic.Package 1 kilo grain: 17 €.

The Mexican . Over a hundred years leads this house cafes selling in its stores in Madrid and other cities. They seek and roasted beans of different origins, such as Nariño Supremo Tambo, one coffee, original and deep aroma, which has the world altitude record crop. Package of 250 g .: € 5.50 (check).

Sanani . One of the most exclusive coffees in the world. The moka variety that makes this American house comes from the western mountains of Yemen, where exceptional coffees are top 10 espresso makers grown. Great aroma, intense flavor and strong well balanced acidity. Box of 250 g .: 15 €.

I cultori coffee . This high quality brand has the flagship product among its wide range the Classico Blend, made from a selection of Arabica beans grown in Latin America. Very soft, it highlights its chocolaty flavor. Available in grain and pod. Case 50 monodosis: 40 €.

Malongo Blue Mountain . French company based in Nice specializing in gourmet coffees. Varieties of Jamaican Blue Mountain excels, the most expensive in the world, grown to 2,000 meters above sea level and is harvested by hand with minimal production. A very elegant coffee.Metallic flask 250 grams .: 57 €.

Guilis Black Blend . Since 1928 Guilis specializes in cafes for hotels. The matter of the best coffee -growing areas of the world and roasted at its facilities in Alcorcón. The best of its range is the Black Blend, blend of five different backgrounds and presented in a black tin.

Saula Great Premium Espresso . With a selection of arabica beans from organic farming, this Catalan company produces one of the best coffees in Spain, the Grand Espresso Premium. It comes in large cans beans or ground into small boats and vacuum – sealed.

Nespresso . With Nespresso, Nestle has revolutionized the world of coffee. Individual capsules of twenty different varieties that allow coffee at home in a quick, easy and clean way. Only they sold online or at a small number of own stores. Individual capsules of 5 grams: between 0.33 and 0.39 €.

Segafredo Zanetti . Massimo Zanetti wanted to spread the culture of Italian espresso. It has become a leader in its coffee sales in Italy and in the world, with countless shops countries. Every day 50 million cups of this brand are consumed. Yet it is one of the best coffees in the market.Pack a kilo grain Metropol: 17 €.

And dad, a blog that combines fatherhood and new technologies

The new technologies are increasingly present in our lives. Thanks to them, children can learn on  como aprender ingles em um mes playing , expand their knowledge and improve their qualifications by having the opportunity to access a broad range of information.


But new technologies are not only extremely useful for kids; the moms and dads can also take full advantage of these tools.

And if not just ask David , a companion of social media expert 2.0. who has used his love of new technologies to create and dad too .

A blog where he shares his experiences with his two treasures: their children Arnau and Judith, and their opinions, their adventures and misadventures with raising their kids, their fears, their joys and everything that has to do with fatherhood .

Discovering fatherhood

But what brought David to shape his devotion to the new technologies in the blog and dad too ?

The answer is simple: after being a dad, he discovered the maternal blogosphere, full of portals dedicated to mothers, fathers and princes of the house.

Realizing that all of them offered tips and tricks as useful, David decided that he also wanted to share their experiences with the world through the network.

That was when he was born And dad , a blog that collects the experiences of this padrazo and that shows us that, even if we make mistakes when to raise and educate our children , they help us to learn and to improve day after day.

Fatherhood and new technologies

This raises a blog useful for those who want to know how they live other dads parenting.

A portal created by a Daddy who has managed to combine his passion for new technologies with their love for children. The result? A blog full of experiences and adventures with the little ones in the house!

Eating a cup of coffee a day during pregnancy is safe

Research has brought to light the risk of caffeine consumption during pregnancy. It is linked to the risk of abortion and preterm birth, however a review of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has shown that eating a cup of coffee a day during pregnancy is safe .

Moderate consumption of caffeine, about 200 milligrams per day , does not contribute significantly to cause abortions or preterm deliveries, as they have been concluded from studies.

This measure is roughly equivalent to the caffeine in a cup of coffee of 350 milliliters. But caffeine is not only found in coffee. It is also the equivalent of drinking four cups of tea of 240 milliliters, more than five cans of soda 350 ml per day, or eating six or seven bars of black chocolate.

The maximum dose of 200 milligrams daily is the one that has been recommended by several studies, some of which have referred in the blog. We have also spoken of someone who believes that coffee increases the risk of abortion, even in moderation .

However, investigations are in favor of moderate consumption are quite accurate in terms of quantity and match all that overcoming this measure recommended would be associated with an increased risk of abortion and preterm birth, as caffeine crosses the placenta affecting the development of the unborn child.

Still, there are pregnant unable to give up their coffee cups, although its consumption exceeds recommended. It is advisable to at least reduce the daily intake to one cup of coffee a day with coffee machine rentals singapore.

1- Business Ideas for Parents at Home

Being a parent and homemaker does not mean you can not contribute financially to his family. To be a good choice for a parent who stays at home, a home -based business must offer a flexible schedule, minimal customer interaction, and usually has to fit into your lifestyle.

1. Medical Transcription Medical transcription is a great option for people with a good command of the English language and excellent keyboard skills. Many doctors prefer to outsource their transcription function. This business requires very low overhead and minimal equipment.

2. Accounting & XERO Bookkeeping services –  Accounting offers flexible hours for parents who already have extensive financial knowledge. You can buy a tax and accounting franchise for your area or start your own business at home.

3. Childcare offers child care allows you to spend time with their children, while caring for other people ‘s children too. This business is a good choice for parents who already have experience in child care.

4. Gift Baskets Assembly and sale of custom gift baskets allows you to combine creative skills with a desire to work from home. These baskets can range from
simple baskets fruit baskets executive complicated gadgets.

5. Candles and Crafts Manufacture and sale of candles and crafts is a great way to involve your children in their work. If you are handy in the development of attractive handicrafts, you can have your children help you create, and you can easily put these items in your home.

6. Catering Holidays can be a good option for busy parents who love to cook and entertain. Most of the work can be done at home looking after their children, with only a minimum of time spent outside the home when it is intended the proper staffing.

7. Medical Billing Claims Claims Medical Billing offers another opportunity to show their experience in accounting in a stable job to work from home. There are many opportunities in this field for busy parents with financial funds.

8. Typing Assignments Freelance Writing freelance jobs are a great way to earn money from home. Even in this age of computers everywhere, there remains a demand for experienced typists.

9. E-Books Publication of electronic books can be a great way to share their knowledge with a large market. You can write and sell eBooks on any number of topics. If you have succeeded in juggling a home business family and an e-book is a great way to share his secret with others.

10. Online Affiliate Programs Online Affiliate programs do not require you to interact directly with customers or worry about finding space for products at home. You can start a successful affiliate business by finding companies that offer products that interest you and Internet marketing.
There is no shortage of opportunities for home-based, but there are also numerous scams that will have to consider. If an opportunity seems too good to be true, it probably is. Do your research before committing to anything. In the end, you have to organize your business so that it does not interfere with other priorities. There are many home based businesses that require you never set foot outside your home, allowing you to spend most of his time with his family.


If the carpet is dirty, that few people piensande dry cleaning – troublesome and costly case. Many are trying to solve this problem alone. The choice of means for general cleaning. The chemical composition of the folk remedies of the store or to choose? The only way to get an objective answer to the question as to clean the carpet at home – consumer reviews. What advises people?

How and what can clean the carpet in your home?


If the floor is a carpet, there will come díacuando routine cleaning is not enough vacuum. Gray, dirt, stains and odors – signs that things are in urgent need of a serious cleaning.

Before spending money (much) to use chemical domésticola or drag heavy carpet outside to cool the snow, it is better to ask than to clean the carpet at home. Reviews will help you make the best decision.

What assessment have been the most popular ways to clean your house ?:

  • shampoos and stain remover . Feedback from users of these funds hanlos pros and cons. Liquid shampoo simple to use, smell good, and for some time to get rid of the smell of the carpet. stain removal stains to face, but require pre-testing as they have in the composition of harsh chemicals and can easily “eat in” the carpet. In addition, it is necessary to study the label carefully to buy it means to “own” point (if the composition is intended to remove stains from coffee, you can not clean the mark left by the wine).

The disadvantage is that the price is too expensive, ability to cause allergies (that’s better not to use them in the house where small children or pets live). The downside, in the opinion of many people is the fact that returns after carpet cleaning foam very wet and have to make a great effort to be dry;

  • soda, salt, sawdust, tea leaves, bran, sauerkraut . This cleaning profitable, and capable dealfombra cool. The use of such media easier. Just arrange them on the carpet, and 2 hours to sweep a broom or vacuum to remove. No wet and hazardous chemicals! But these proven tools are not without drawbacks: they can not eliminate the unpleasant odor, like cleaning time -consuming. If the carpet is very dirty, you will have to repeat the procedure several times;
  • household chemistry . The method is based on a self-cleaning cateringcomposiciones. Most often they made of soda, vinegar, citric acid, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide. If the house can not find any of these components can be purchased at your local store or pharmacy, and does not require large expenditures. Prepare the cleaning composition may be a couple of minutes. For example, the most popular composition, which is recommended by housewives with experience preparing this recipe: 2 tablespoons. l. alcohol, citric acid or 2 hl mixed with 1 liter of water. The solution is treated with a carpet, then clean with a brush. According to a review, the result will be worse than the expensive shampoos.

In each of this company tools has its own group of leaders who won the most positive reviews. The winners were the carpet cleaner foam disappears, and among home remedies – vinegar and soda.

See also:

  • Steam Mop: Reviews
  • How to clean the carpet at home against stains and other contaminants?

Five arguments in order to clean the carpet in your home vinegar


Vinegar has established long as an effective component, which can be used for carpet cleaning. This is due to its qualities as:

  • low cost;
  • accessibility;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • relatively soft effect on the carpet;
  • It helps remove cover not only dirt but also points.

Using vinegar “resurrect” carpet house?

Recipe №1: universal membership. ½ st. vinegar, 1 teaspoon soda, 1 liter of hot water (not boiling).Mix. Add 1 tablespoon. l. powdered. Spray the carpet. clean cloth. Those who enjoyed a composition of this type, argue that the carpet after a procedure of this kind would be as good as new!

2. Number of recipe stain. 1st. l. vinegar mix for 1 hour. L. soap (grated on a small grater).Composition poured into 1 l of water, stir. Apply to the stain. Over time, brush or sponge.

Ama respond as well as the first and the second method, but note that vinegar to deal only with fresh stains.

Carpet Cleaning soda: accessible, inexpensive and it works!

There are several recipes for how to clean elalfombra soda at home. It can be used by itself. Cleaning procedure is very simple: take a soda, sprinkle the surface of it – and you can have a break of at least 2 hours. As the absorbent material absorbs all the dirt from the carpet – it just cleaned with a brush. To repeat the process until it is clean soda.

In order to not only remove dirt but also for eliminarolores, for example can be prepared in house cleaning composition based on soda. You fill with water bucket 5 liters, is poured into ½ st. soda. Pour into a spray bottle. Spraying the composition over the entire surface, wait 60 min. Remove the vacuum cleaner.

To remove the stain, cover with baking soda and pour a little vinegar on top. Let stand for 12 hours.Then wash with water.

According to a review, soda perfectly eliminates the smell and refreshes the carpet, but will not cover white light.

The new standard household cleaning – Vanish

The most famous shop is considered a medium deVanish. Its price is very expensive, but there are problems with how clean the carpet in the house Vanish conditions. Is added to water 1 to 2 means that the lid (as instructed), foam – and you can start cleaning. Foam dissolve dirt and bring it to the surface. Sweeping may be an ordinary broom or vacuum cleaner to collect.

Those who are not allergic to the components of the media, we are happy with the result. In particular, praise-spray Vanish, which helps fight stains. Note that after applying disappear even old dirt.

Does yogurt blocks the absorption of iron?

The calcium in yogurt and other dairy products can affect your body’s ability to absorb iron. This is a problem because iron is needed to make hemoglobin, a protein that allows your red blood cells carry oxygen. If you are trying to maximize your absorption of iron, you may need to avoid eating yogurt or eat calcium-rich foods while you take iron supplements or foods high in iron, such as meat and green leafy vegetables.

Iron absorption

Iron is absorbed by cells in the small intestine. These cells use a special protein that transports iron from the digestive tract to intestinal cells. This process requires an acidic environment, so anything that reduces the amount of acid produced by the stomach (such as antacids or reflux) can reduce iron absorption. Consume calcium with iron can inhibit iron absorption. Dried beans, soy products and tea have the same inhibitory effect on iron absorption.

Mechanism and prevention

Calcium inhibits the absorption of iron because the iron-carrying protein to intestinal cells also can transport other molecules, including calcium. This means that calcium can “compete” with the iron transport from the digestive tract to the body. However, the exact mechanism by which calcium inhibits the absorption of iron is not known. Even small amounts of iron (200 mg) can reduce your body’s ability to absorb iron. If you are worried about not getting enough iron in your diet, avoid eating yogurt and other calcium-rich foods along with iron-rich or near the time of taking an iron supplement food. Read more about oldschooldiet.com.

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