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If you have the "guts," watch this video of unborn children being killed. If you do, never again will you say that a woman should have the choice to have an abortion, unless you do not have one shred of common decency left in your entire body. Yet, this is what our new president, Obama, supports. He supports the killing of unborn children the entire nine months, even the barbaric and excruciating painful partial-birth abortion. He also supports the killing of BORN children by denying them treatment if they survive an abortion. A more cold-hearted and callous person would be hard to find.

I'm a physician, an M.D., and even though I have delivered many babies, I'm still in awe of the miracle of life and that life's subsequent birth. It boggles my mind how a physician who has taken an oath to preserve life can perform abortions -- can actually kill defenseless unborn babies -- literally ripped out, many times in pieces, from the mother's womb.

Many of you are pro-life, and your heart breaks when innocent babies are killed, in what used to be the safest place on Earth -- their mothers womb. Many of you are pro-aborts and others are on the fence -- you're just not sure.

The purpose of this web site is to try to make one and all understand why the killing of unborn babies, a.k.a. abortions, is abominable. I will attempt to do this from both the Biblical and scientific perspectives.

For those who believe in God, I will quote Biblical passages. I am not a man of the cloth. I am just a person who believes in God and the Holy Bible, and when I see evil, I want to do all I can to end it.

For people who do not believe in God and do not believe we will all be judged by our actions on our short stay in this world, I will appeal to your sense of common decency and hope that you'll read this with an open mind. Even if you're not concerned that a human life has been terminated by an abortion, just maybe, you might be concerned about the wouldn't be mother's health.
Read: Abortion-Breast Cancer and Safe Abortions are Science Fiction.

For the politicians and judges who profess to believe in God and pass laws to decide that to kill unborn babies is legal and should be one of our basic freedoms, you are in the same class as the abortionist, who kill unborn babies for a living. I see NO difference. You have signed their death warrants.

For those who claim to believe in God and say that abortions are wrong, but you still believe that it's a decision that a woman should make, because it's her body, you ARE a pro-abort. There is no such thing as pro-choice, because to be pro-choice is to condone evil.

If one truly and down deep in his or her heart believe in God, that statement CANNOT be made -- it is oxymoronic. It is said, because it is thought to give credence to your agenda. You are kidding no one, especially not God. To be pro-choice is to be a pro-abort; they ARE synonymous. Both propagate and lead to the same conclusion: death.

I believe the only way you would really believe in God, is if God would appear to you and perform a miracle. If this would happen, do you think you would STILL say that a woman should have the choice to kill her unborn baby, who was created by God, in His own image, at conception? OF COURSE NOT. You would be shaking from head to toe. You would drop to your knees and beg forgiveness. You will, all of a sudden, remember the Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

Therein lies the difference. Some people believe in God without any reservations; IT'S CALLED FAITH. Others need some kind of proof, maybe a miracle; until then, they will leave the door open, just a little bit, just in case there is a God.

I will pull no punches. You WILL get the truth and if you can't take the truth, or if you're hell bent on remaining a pro-abort/pro-choice for the rest of your life, then stop reading now, because if you have just one shred of common decency left in your entire body and you ARE concerned about WOMEN'S HEALTH, as you claim to be, you WILL become pro-life and automatically, PRO-HEALTH, even if you do not believe in God.

Our forefathers, and our foremothers, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and their followers, were all vehemently opposed to abortions. They called it "child murder." Recently, there was a biography about these two great women on TV, but what was conveniently left out was their outrage at abortions. However, this hiding of the truth by the liberal Media should surprise no one.

So what happened in the interim? Why are these killings allowed to happen in this day and age? Especially, why have many women parted from their foremothers, who spearheaded the Suffrage movement? WHY the change in mindset?


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